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One of the most distinguished names in Civil War history, Dr. Robertson was Executive Director of the U.S. Civil War Centennial Commission and worked with Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson in marking the war’s 100th anniversary.  He has educated the young minds at Virginia Tech for years and has recently retired as Professor of History.  Dr. Robertson also serves as charter member appointed by Senate, for the Virginia Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission.

Professor Robertson is the author or editor of more than twenty books that include such award-winning studies as Civil War! America Becomes One Nation, General A.P. Hill, and Soldiers Blue and Gray. His massive biography of Stonewall Jackson won eight national awards and was used as the basis for the movie “Gods and Generals.” Robertson was chief historical consultant for the film. Professor Robertson is the recipient of every major award in his field, and is a popular and renowned lecturer on the Civil War. He is retiring as Alumni Distinguished Professor, one of ten such honorees among 2,200 faculty members at Virginia Tech. He is also Executive Director of the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies, created in 1999.

The video below contains excerpts from my interview with Dr. Robertson


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Wayne E. Motts

Wayne E. Motts

Wayne E. Motts

  • Adams County Gettysburg, PA
  • Executive Director Historical SocietyBorn and raised in central Ohio, Wayne graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.A. in history in 1989. Moving to Gettysburg in 1990, Wayne earned a Master’s Degree in American History from the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania in 1994. He was one of the youngest persons ever to complete the licensing process to be a Licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg National Military Park. He has guided parties around the famous field for over 20 years. He has spoken to a wide range of historical bodies and groups on topics related to the American Civil War including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. In addition to his speaking engagements, Wayne has published several pieces related to the American Civil War in a variety of publications. He is considered the leading authority in the nation on Southern General Lewis Addison Armistead of Pickett’s Charge fame and has published the only biography of the general entitled, Trust in God and Fear Nothing: Lewis A. Armistead, CSA. For ten years he was the research historian for renowned Civil War Artist Dale Gallon of Gettysburg where he assisted in the historical research of 40 works of fine art. He was the Senior Research Historian for TravelBrains Corporation and in this capacity researched material to be included in a number of audio-visual products related to the American Civil War. The products produced by his research have been endorsed by the History Channel and have won numerous awards. In 2002, he accepted the position of curator at the Cumberland County Historical Society where he managed a collection of 8,000 artifacts. In 2004, he assumed duties as the collections manager of the Adams County Historical Society in Gettysburg. In 2005, Wayne was named executive director of the Society where he oversees a staff of five and 60 volunteers. In addition to his directorship, Wayne is the chairman of the Alliance of Pennsylvania County Historical Societies (APACHS), which promotes collaboration and best practices among the Commonwealth’s 67 county historical societies. As chairman of APACHS he sits on the board of the Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations (PFMHO).

Biography Courtesy of Wayne E. Motts

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I took a trip to Gettysburg to interview Wayne Motts about Dale Gallon’s art work of Gettysburg during the Civil War.

I have the pleasure of showing you the videos from this trip where Mr. Motts explains the work of Dale Gallon in the present day settings.


Wayne is a native of Groveport Ohio where his father is the director of the Motts Military Museum. Wayne graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelors degree in the field of Military History and earned his Masters degree in American History from the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.

For the past 12 years Wayne has been a licensed battlefield guide at Gettysburg National Military Park and has given tours of the battle grounds to thousands of visitors from all over the world. Currently, Wayne is the full-time research historian for renowned military painter Dale Gallon of Gettysburg.

Wayne lectures extensively to a wide range of historical bodies, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Additionally, Wayne has authored several works relating to the American Civil War, including the book “Trust in God and Fear Nothing”. It is the only published biography of Confederate General Lewis A. Armistead, who was killed at Gettysburg. In addition to his own writing, Wayne is an Associate Editor of North and South Magazine, a nationally recognized periodical in the field of Civil War history.

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